Does Vitamin C Repair the Skin Barrier?

At Cholley Swiss Cosmetics we have gained vital knowledge in the past thirty years and would like to share that with the readers of our blogs. We have written in the past about the numerous benefits of Vitamin C for the skin. It has been established that this nutrient has many benefits for the skin. Now in this article we like to discuss more specifics benefits of Vitamin C for the skin such as if it can repair the skin barrier.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant this is essential for our health. This potent nutrient is very important when it comes to development and repair of our body tissues including the skin tissues. Vitamin C has many benefits for the skin including averting sun damage, lessening pigmentation, lessening inflammation and also increasing the production of collagen for the skin.

Vitamin C and Our Skin

As we mentioned before there are numerous benefits Vitamin C provides to the skin. It is a powerful nutrient for the skin since it can lessen the severity and repair skin damage both after and before it happens.

One of the unique aspects of Vitamin C and it’s benefits for the skin is that it can help to repair the effects of environment on the skin. Vitamin C can lessen and repair the effects of pollution and sun damage on the skin. Being a powerful antioxidant, it can help to rejuvenate the skin and repair damage caused by free radicals in the environment.

Benefits of Vitamin C for the Skin Barrier

Vitamin C can help the skin in many ways and one of the ways it can help is to aid the functions performed by the skin barrier. Specifically, Vitamin C is essential when it comes to the function that must be performed by the lipid barrier. The lipid barrier’s job is to hold together and firmly the outer layers of the skin cell.

When our skin barrier is healthy it is able to hold on to moisture and keep out harmful irritants such as free radicals from penetrating our skin. Studies have demonstrated that Vitamin C further improves the ability of the skin barrier to repair and do its functions. Vitamin C is able to prevent the loss of water by the lipid barrier causing the skin to be able to retain moisture and perform its job properly.

How Vitamin C Fights Free Radicals

Free radicals such as pollution and UV rays found in the environment are harmful to our skin since they can cause inflammation and other harmful effects. Free radicals damage the healthy cells in the skin which in turn causes the skin to dry, be irritated and causes premature aging.  Antioxidants present in Vitamin C are able to reduce and neutralize these free radicals which in turn minimizing the effects of them on the skin.

How Vitamin C Minimizes Lines and Wrinkles

Collagen and elastin are essential for the skin and free radicals can damage them. Collagen and elastin are essential when it comes to our skin’s ability to retain its elasticity which causes our skin to retain its youthful complexion. When collagen and elastin have been damaged and are weakened, they are no longer able to perform their functions and keep the elasticity of the skin which causes premature aging in the form of lines and wrinkles.

Due to it being a potent antioxidant Vitamin C is able to minimize and lessen the impact of free radicals on collagen and elastin. This in turn prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles and maintains our skin bouncy and youthful.

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