Does Switzerland have good skincare?

Today skincare and cosmetic products are manufactured all over the world. What makes Swiss skincare and cosmetic products acclaimed at its foremost has to do with the privileged location of Switzerland. Being a country that is situated and surrounded in nature and the Alps mountains greatly impacts why Swiss skincare products are of such high quality.

Quality ingredients form the Alps

The Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe, and they provide Swiss cosmetics manufacturers access to some of the best quality and cleanest natural ingredients required to make skincare products. The quality and purity of ingredients available to Swiss skincare companies enables them to produce products that can greatly improve the health of your skin. The purity and cleanliness of the ingredients in Swiss skincare products have the capability to rejuvenate the skin and its overall health.

In addition to the pure natural ingredients obtained from the Alps there are the strict rules and regulations which Swiss Skincare manufactures must follow. Switzerland requires all those producing skincare in the country to follow strict rules when it comes to hygiene and safety. Combing these strict rules with pure natural ingredients makes Switzerland skincare products unique and some of the best in the world!

Pure Swiss water

Water is a key part and element of many products including skincare products. Being situated in the Alps gives Swiss water purity and minerals that are rich. The purity and rich minerals available in Swiss water are the exact minerals the skin needs to be heathy and radiant.

Swiss quality and efficacy

The “Made in Switzerland “label is a seal of quality well known all over the world. Swiss skincare products that carry this seal must follow strict rules set by the Swiss regulatory board control.  The Swiss regulatory board requires those products that carry the seal of “Made in Switzerland“ label to follow the strict rules of production in Switzerland. These rules require product that are made in Switzerland to be compatible and identifiable with values set for Swiss products such as nature, purity, innovation, science and precision.

The Swiss skincare products are also made without toxic ingredients found in many other products. The Swiss strict production rules require beauty products made in the country to be made with ingredients that do not harm the health of people or the environment.

Switzerland is also a centre for research and development in the world. Switzerland allocates a considerable budget for research and development. This investment in research and development has enabled Switzerland to be the leader when it comes to technology of beauty and skincare products.

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