Does sunscreen expire?

As we approach the summertime many of us are out there basking in the beautiful sunshine, but if so, we must be using sunscreen to protect us. But did you ever think about if the sunscreen cream or spray you are applying to your face and body is still good or maybe it is no longer effective since it may have expired.


As a general rule we must use sunscreen all year around to protect our skin and one which has a SPF rating of at least 20 such as CHOLLEY Alpine Solar sunscreen with Defence of  SPF 50. Usually, products that have SPF should last and be usable for at least 3 years. But the best way to see if your sunscreen is still effective is to look for the expiry date. If that expiry date has come and passed you should no longer use it. In addition, make sure you keep your sunscreen stored in a dry, dark and cool place in order to keep it effective.

But many of us only use sunscreen in the hot summer month when we are outdoors by the pool or on the beach. In many cases when it comes to using sunscreen, we may reach out for the half-used bottle we used last summer which may no longer be effective. Also, for more information about when to use sunscreen read our article.

In United States & Europe is actually required to sunscreen manufacturers to make their product so it remains at its original strength for at least three years.

If you observe that your sunscreen has changed colour, or its firmness has changed you should also throw it away.  If the consistency and firmness of the sunscreen has changed and weakened it mean the products ingredients are no longer affective.

Further, to make sure your sunscreen stays at its optimal strength make sure you take some necessary precautions. These include making sure your sunscreen stays out of excessive heat and direct sun. When using sunscreen outdoors on a hot sunny day you can also protect the product better by keeping it in the shade or wrapping it in a towel.

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