Does skincare expire ?

Many of us may buy skincare products and use them slowly or store the skincare products away in the bathroom cabinet and then decide to use them after a few months. When you buy food products that are clearly going  to expire, we are not as carless about their expiration date as we are with skincare products.

Many of you may only be concerned with expiration dates that are associated with food product or perhaps cheap skincare products. But all skincare products being cheap or expensive such as creams, serums, oils, and toners all will expire and attention to the expiration dates are essential.

For many using expired food products are scary but when it comes to using expired skincare products, they are not so afraid of the consequences. Using expired skincare products may not have the same consequences as using expired food products but they still have consequences and even some serious ones!

Consequences of using expired skincare products

The less severe consequences associated with using expired skincare products are things such as the product not being as fresh and vigorous as it was initially. In addition, using expired skincare can mean the ingredients are no longer effective and the product will not do what it was supposed to do. In most skincare products the expiration dates are associated with the date the active ingredients in the products will lose their power.

You should pay attention to the expiry dates of skincare products such as sunscreens. As we have written extensively using sunscreens is an essential part of a good skincare routine since it protects you from the dangerous UV rays that can damaged the skin. Therefor if you are using an expired product such as sunscreen that is supposed to protect you from the sun and it does not you are leaving your skin open to all the harmful effects of the sun. In addition, it has been noted using expired sunscreen can even increase sever sunburns and skin cancer.

So, as you can see there are serious consequences with using certain expired skincare products such as sunscreens. Further serious consequences that are associated with using expired skincare products are irritations, rashes, and even bacterial infections.

So, to be safe you must look at the expiry date of all your skincare products and throw them away if expired. As we have highlighted the consequences of using expired skincare are varied from not being effective, to serious consequences associated with using expired sunscreen and others. So pay attention to the expiry dates of your skincare products as seriously as you do with food products.

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