Does skin lightening cream work on stretch marks

Here at CHOLLEY we love discussing all topics of skincare since we are one of the most innovative Swiss cosmetics companies. We have written in numerous articles about the importance of collagen and once  again here when talking about stretch marks it is an essential matter. Stretch marks appear once the development of collagen which is essential in maintaining  our skin elastic has been distributed.

Stretch marks appear and are usually associated with certain things such as skin problems that appear during pregnancy. It has been reported that almost half of the pregnant women develop stretch marks. But stretch marks are not only associated with pregnancy and can appear at other times also. They can also appear during great weight gain or at the time of puberty when our bodies are growing at a great rate.

Many who develop stretch marks are eager to get rid of them and seek various ways and means to do so and one of those is using skin lightening creams.

Skin lightening creams are not made to treat stretch marks

Unfortunately, if you are thinking about using skin lightening creams to get rid of your stretch marks you will not have success in doing so. The simple reason is that stretch marks are skin that has not been developed properly due to the disturbance in the development of collagen as mentioned earlier.

Skin lightening creams are developed to deal with skin that has excessive pigments and not to deal with skin that has not been developed properly due to lack of collagen and as you can see, they are two completely different things. Skin lightening creams can help to treat things such as acne scars since acne scars are associated with excessive pigments but stretch marks are completely different.

In most cases stretch marks vanish over time to a white colour and they can resemble a scar then. It has been observed in various studies that stretch marks go away naturally when the cause of their development has gone away being pregnancy or excessive weight gain.

For those who are still searching for cream to help them get rid of their stretch marks the outlook is not good . Not only skin lightening creams will not help get rid of stretch marks no other topical product can prevent or help to get rid of stretch marks.

It has been shown that products that that have a mixture of certain ingredients may help those women who have a history of developing stretch marks prevent them. Products that have Centella Asiatica Extract, vitamin E and Collagen Hydrolysates may help those women who have had previous problems with stretch marks in the future when it comes to developing them.

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