Does skin light cream whiten skin?

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As skin lightening creams become more popular those who use these products have more questions about them. Many of those who use these products ask the question “does skin lightening cream whiten skin?  Skin lightening creams are also referred to as skin brightening creams and skin whitening creams are used for a number of uses. They are used to treat the appearance of dark areas of the skin which may have been caused by acne scars or dark spots. In addition, they are used by those who are looking to lighten their general complexion.


Skin lightening creams focus their attention on the melanin pigments produced by our skin cells. These melanin pigments are the foundation beyond how light or dark our skin may appear.  The aim of skin lightening cream is to bleach and lighten the skin by focusing on the melanin pigments. Make sure to read our article about if melanin protects you from the  sun to become more familiar with this important part of your skin!

Skin lightening products are available in a variety of forms. They are available in the forms of oils, creams, serums and lotions. Each form is more suitable for a particular skin type. For example, for those with dry skin, creams and oils are more suitable. In contrast for those who have oily skin the best form of skin lightning products to use are serums.

Before using any form of skin lightening product is best to consult with your dermatologist who can help you with selecting the best product and form based on your needs and skin type.

How Skin Lightening Creams Work

As we stated before skin lightening creams work by targeting the melanin pigments which determine our skin colour. Skin lightening products are composed of ingredients that aims to decrease the amount of melanin produced. Essentially the process of bleaching or better said skin bleaching’s objective is to decrease the amount of melanin our skin produces.

Some of the most common ingredients in skin lightening products which aim to reduce the amount of melanin in our skin are hydroquinone and vitamin C. Vitamin C in general is very good for our skin since it is an antioxidant and at the same time decreases the production of melanin. In addition, another ingredient commonly found in skin lightening products is Glycolic Acid which essentially works as an exfoliant by removing dead cells which causes the skin to lighten. If you have questions about how long do skin lightening creams last, we suggest you read our article about if skin whitening creams are permanent.

Skin lightening products are commonly used to treat conditions such as melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which are conditions associated with development of dark spots on the skin. These conditions are most commonly found in areas of the body which are exposed to the sun extensively such as the cheeks and foreheads.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a condition that is associated when injury to the skin occurs such as from scarring or acne scars. Furthermore, hormonal imbalances and endocrine conditions such as Addison’s Disease have been associated with darkening of the skin. Skin lightening products are used to treat these conditions as well.

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