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One of the most common reasons people visit dermatologist has to do with issues related to dry skin. Some of the most common symptoms of dry skin are skin peeling, itching, cracking and skin feeling rough in general. These symptoms associated with dry skin are most common during the dry winter months due to the low amount of humidity during this period. What shocks many who suffer from dry skin is seeing acnes appearing with dry skin and getting worst.

There are no direct connections between dry skin and acne but what dry skin can do  to acne is to make it worst. Acne is a condition that affects many people including those that have dry skin. The main reason your acne becomes worst while you have dry skin has to do with the reason your skin is combating these two conditions at the same time. The good news is that some skincare products that treat acne can also help you improve your dry skin.

Let’s look closer at the reason behind the development of dry skin and how they make your acne worst. The epidermis which is our skin’s outer layer is full of natural elements such as ceramides, oils/fats, and other water-soluble compounds. The epidermis is composed of several layers and the top layer is called stratum corneum.

Stratum corneum main job is to help keep in your skin moisture, electrolytes, and water-soluble compounds while at the same time shedding. This process helps to protect your skin from harmful elements and at the same time provides your skin with its moist glow. When this top layer is removed due to reasons such as cold winter climate, soaps and hard detergents, low water consumption just to mention a few  your skin becomes dry.

Now let’s look at how dry skin can affect acne. Acne is caused by clogging of pores on our face with dirt, oil and bacteria. So, when the pores on our face are clogged and acne is developed dry skin will enhance the development of dead skin cells. The development of dead skin cells can further complicate the clogging of pores which then can cause pores more likely to break open. When this happened and pores break open all those things that cause acne such as dirt, oil and bacteria sink deeper into the skin.

So, as we mentioned acne in not developed due to dry skin, but dry skin can enhance and help acne to affect our skin worst since acne penetrates our skin more when we have dry skin. When acne penetrates your skin deeper it becomes harder to treat.

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