Does dairy cause acne?

If you are reading this article, you must be concerned with acne and want to know if your diet and specifically dairy product can cause acne. In the past articles we have discussed the impact of your diet when it comes to the health of your skin and clearly diet does play a role when it comes to our overall health and the health of our skin. A great article we have written in the past which sheds light into foods and acne is the one we have written about does chocolate cause acne.

The debate of if dairy products can cause acne has been argued about for years and when it comes to causing acne dairy product do not actually cause acne. But if your skin is prone to acne consuming dairy products can make the already existing acne worst.

How consuming milk and acne are connected

As we have written in the past articles about what causes acne it is a form of inflammation. Consuming certain types of foods such as milk which are known to increase inflammation worsen other skin conditions caused by inflammation such as acne. These skin conditions caused by inflammation are not limited only to acne and consuming milk can worsen other inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The process of inflammation is not something that happens just after acne has been developed. It rather is a continuous process that happens during the whole development of acne so by consuming dairy products such as milk that worsen inflammation your acne can worsen.

The presence of sugar in milk and acne

To even dig deeper into why milk causes inflammation, we must look into the sugar present in milk. While the amount of sugar present in milk is low it can worsen inflammation in particular if you consume a lots of milk. By consuming foods that are sweet and at the same time are high in carbohydrates your blood sugar increases which leads to inflammation. This increase in blood sugar caused by consuming sweet foods rich in carbohydrates increases the production of sebum which leads to clogging of pores which eventually cause acne.

Hormones in milk and acne

We have mentioned in previous articles how hormones can lead to formation of acne. To find the connection between hormones and milk we must look into the source of milk which are cows. To increase their milk production some cows are given artificial growth hormones. Even those cows that are not given growth hormones still produce their own hormones. So, as you can imagine cows that have been given growth hormones already have their own hormones which creates too many hormones and by drinking milk your hormones can also increase.

Hormones encourage and stimulate the acne not only in young adults but in people of all ages. So, by consuming milk that is rich is hormones your natural hormonal balance can become unbalanced aggravating already existing acne.

Is there a connection between cheese/ yogurt and acne

Cheese contains saturated fat which has been linked to worsening some skin conditions. But when it comes to acne there are no indications that it can worsen acne. When it comes to yogurt  actually the news is good and consuming yogurt has been linked to decrease of inflammation!

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