Does chocolate cause acne?

For many of us eating a piece of chocolate is one of the pleasures that make our lives better. But some of us chocolate lovers may wonder if eating this joyful treat “chocolate” can be harmful and cause skin conditions such as acne.

You do not need to stop eating your favourite treat “chocolate” since there has not been any evidence linking consumption of chocolate to acne. Chocolate is made of coco beans and sugar and coco beans do not cause acne. The other part being sugar being an ingredient in the manufacturing of chocolate also does not have any strong links with development of  acne.

So, either consumption of chocolate will cause acne or stopping eating chocolate will not help you clear up your acne.  As with many other health and skin issues diets are being looked at to find the root causes of such problems such as acne.

Now you may wonder if certain foods that are considered greasy such as french fries , potato chips or dairy products and sodas can cause acne. There are some further research being done on the links between acne and dairy products since there has been some evidence that dairy products have a link with acne.

But the link between diet and dairy products to acne is not something link cause and effect. It is more defined as consuming certain foods such as dairy products or those high in sugar will make already existing conditions such as acne linked to hormones or acne linked to dry skin worst.

Also, you must note that we said there are links between dairy products and acne. As we said dairy products can make already exciting acne conditions worst and guess what  many chocolate products have dairy products such as milk in them.

In general, after years of study to find the links between diet and acne there has been very little evidence linking any particular food with acne. But like many other foods we consume daily there are many other ingredients in these foods, and we must keep an eye on these added ingredients such as sugar and milk when it comes to chocolate.

To be on the safe side make sure when buying chocolate, you closely look at the added ingredients such as sugar and dairy. Try to buy and consume chocolate products that have as little or no sugar or diary in them to be on the safe side.

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