Does anti-aging cream help acne?

Many of us believe that acne is something that affects us when we are younger, and wrinkles are something that affects us once we are older. You may think anti-aging products are not beneficial for acne since they are used by older people and acne is associated with the young. For some of us who have suffered from acne problems during our younger years the problem unfortunately does not go away once we get older and this is when you need to look at treating acne differently.

Although for many issues with acne do go away as they age for others their acne  issues persist, it really depends on the person’s body. Since acne is associated with oil and hormones and some people still have high concentration of oil and hormones production even at older age, they will continue having problems with acne.

As we have written in previous articles regarding acne, it is caused when the pores on your skin get clogged with things like bacteria, oil, dead skin cells and dirt. One of the main reasons pores get clogged with these nasty things is due to changes in hormone levels.

Since women have a more turbulent hormonal development that extend well into their adult life, they are more likely to suffer from acne as adults. In some cases, some women have no issues with acne during their teen years but suddenly as they reach adulthood, they begin having acne problems.

It  has been shown that oral contraceptives are a good deterrent to maintain hormonal levels balanced which results in keeping issues with acne under control. But once women stop using oral contraceptives troubles with acne returns. In addition, many women who begin going through the process of perimenopause are more prone to suffer from acne. This is essentially due to decrease in the levels of estrogen and increase in the level of male hormones. This will result in further increase of oil production which causes pores to be clogged and acne to appear.

So, as we explained unfortunately acne does not go away for some of us as we age. In addition, products that you may have used during your younger days to treat acne may not be suitable any longer to treat acne as you age. You see as we age our skin becomes more sensitive due to it becoming thinner and dryer and you need different products to treat acne as you get older.

This is where a good skincare routine needs to be developed to treat acne as we get older. Using products such as anti-aging moisturizer creams in addition to products such as exfoliants can be an important parts of acne treatments for adults. Do not forget the very important job of washing your face twice a day also. It is recommended to use non-irritating cleansers rather than soap cleansers to wash your face. These non-irritating cleansers are much gentler on your skin than soap-based cleansers and will not aggravate the acne.

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