Common Causes of the Dry Body Skin. BIOLASTON Emulsion is Your Solution.

Many people deal with dry skin on a daily basis, and when they book an appointment with you or stop by, you may notice the damaging effects. It’s a frustrating cycle for many, as often they will find a solution, only to realise that solution creates additional skin care issues. Understanding the root of the dry skin, though, may help them find the right solution.

Common Dry Body Skin Causes

There are a number of fairly common causes behind dry skin.

  • Soap: Few things can take the moisture right out of the skin quite like cleansing, but many people continue to scrub, hoping to remove dead, dry skin cells. The moisture, though, is essential for battling dry skin, and so the cycle continues.
  • Fragrance: Many women love gentle fragrances that stay with them all day long, but it can dry out the skin, too. Often even moisturisers packed with chemically based fragrances can do more harm than good when it comes to dry skin.
  • Sun Damage: Few things zap the skin quite like the sun, so if your client has just returned from holiday or spends a lot of time in the sun, you may see far dryer skin than normal.
Biolaston Emulsion

Toward a Solution with BIOLASTON Emulsion

BIOLASTON Emulsion pour le Corps is one good way to help create the moisture your clients have lost. It helps to deal with loss of firmness and restore the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis. It means softness and elasticity in a way your clients with dry skin have never noticed before. Our active ingredients mean intense emollient and hydrating action as well as improved production of collagen fibers. We’ve also include calendula officinalis for a soothing, purifying action.

Preventing dehydration is key when you’re dealing with dry skin, and BIOLASTON Emulsion pour le Corps was designed just to do that. It can be applied on clean, dry skin after bathing to the entire body. It can also be combined with other CHOLLEY products like BIOLASTON Peeling Naturel pour le Corps to help exfoliate the skin after sun damage or when it’s dry and flaky.

There are many causes to dry skin, but CHOLLEY has the right solutions.

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