Clean Beauty: CHOLLEY Is On-Trend

CHOLLEY Phytocell Cream

CHOLLEY is committed to continual innovation. From delivering 100% phyto biological products to developing IC-RAMP® Technology to effect results down to a cellular level, our team brings customers and clients leading-edge solutions to their skin care needs. Above all, though, we seek to make beauty clean and simple. Turns out this is a hot “trend.” We always have and always will consider it an essential part of the CHOLLEY name.

Fashion and beauty authority Vogue recently discussed the top beauty trends of 2018; as consumers continue to reject artificiality and eschew introducing synthetics and toxins into their lives, the desire for “clean” skin care supplies is growing.

Clean” is not synonymous with “natural,” a term which has been criticised for being too vague and ambiguous. Clean refers to products that do not contain harmful ingredients. Our products and treatments are created using phytocell technology – truly clean solutions that leverage the power of botanicals and phyto stem cells to help users achieve the results they want.

Coinciding with the demand for clean products, many women (and men) want to jettison their old time-consuming “beauty regimens.” Instead of complex, multi-step processes, they want a quick and easy way to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. Products like CHOLLEY Phytocell Cream lead the charge. All of this in one simple – powerful – step.

For some brands, clean and simple are trends they must scramble to catch up with. For CHOLLEY, it is simply (pun intended!) how we have always designed and developed our solutions. Whether you get a spa, salon, dermatological practice, or pharmacy, you want products and treatments you can feel good about. With CHOLLEY, you can deliver.


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