CHOLLEY Regenerating Skin Repair Program – Detox & Stress Recovery

Damaged, dull, and tired skins are very common and evermore frequent due to many environmental and lifestyle factors. CHOLLEY Skin Repair Program is specifically developed for problems associated with these types of skins. It uses the latest Swiss technology and the highest quality phytobiological active ingredients to restore health, strength, and splendor of the skin. Cholley offers an extensive set of product for repairing your skin such as remedy skin repair for sensitive skin cream.

CHOLLEY Skin Repair Program brings back the natural equilibrium of the skin and gives it renewed strength and a healthy luminous look. The program can also be used for the treatment of acne rosacea or after aesthetic surgery, however without BIOCLEAN AHA Peeling.

Estimated time:

50 minutes


Up to once a week

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