BIOCLEAN Elixir Marin Program – Purifying & Refreshing

Millions of years ago mountains began emerging from the bottom of oceans to create the landscape that today is so familiar to us. Life on this planet is only possible thanks to the synergy of land and sea resources. One without the other is incomplete.

Inspired by this basic idea CHOLLEY brings you BIOCLEAN Elixir Marin Program. It is a completely new treatment, based on 100% natural ingredients, ideal for anyone desiring a beautiful, radiant, and younger looking skin. The program is completely based on extracting the vital energy and restoring force of ocean and mountain plants. The results are simply astounding. After just one treatment the skin appears completely different: purified, fresh, full of energy, with diminished wrinkles and relieved from stress.

Estimated time:

45 minutes


Up to twice a week

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