CHOLLEY’s 30 Years Anniversary Contest Winners!

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1st Place

Here we are with the announcement of the winner of the #WHYCHOLLEY contest! 
Thanks to all those who participated, wishing us 30 years and conveying the importance of CHOLLEY in their lives! From our distributors to individual customers, Thank you all! 
1st Place goes to Schoonheidssalon by Wies Steenvoorden in Netherlands for these photos of their beautiful salon and their beautiful team! 
A genuine proof of what CHOLLEY brand represents all over the world! Congratulations for winning a Persian Gold Ring 18 Carats!
Special thanks also to 247 cosmetics!

2nd Place

Конкурс Даша

2nd Place for our Russian costumer Sidorova Daria of the SPA SENSE GALLERY!
That’s what She wrote us :
“My autumn, as well as spring, summer, of course winter, any trips and events, all this is impossible without small, but such working products from CHOLLEY.
It is with their help that I create the beauty of faces and give health and joy in my procedures, it was with them that I went to trainings in many cities of Russia, and as a specialist, I developed in a direction in which it is important to emphasize a person’s individuality and the joy of contemplating myself in such a way healthy and natural in the mirror.”

Congratulation to Daria for winning an Hermes Scarf!

3rd Place

3rd Place for our customers from China: ShaoTing Wu, ZiYan Zhan, RuYi Wang and YiYan Lin.
Here’s their video of “Best wishes for our 30th birthday”, along with the flags of Switzerland and China!

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