CHOLLEY HISTORY Chapter 3: Swiss PhytoCosmetics


Chapter 3: PhytoCosmetics.

Since its foundation CHOLLEY has always  been focused on PhytoCosmetics. But what exactly they are?

In very general terms phytobiocosmetics are cosmetic products whose principal active ingredients are derived from plants as opposed to being produced synthetically.

Phytobiocosmetics owe a great debt to popular and empirical medicine that over thousands of years through the crude technique of trial and error has identified the beneficial properties of innumerable plants.

Today equipped with our knowledge of chemistry and biology we can understand the scientific foundation of these properties. However, there are still many natural mysteries that are beyond our current state of knowledge.

A more enlightened definition of phytobiocosmetics would be

“A special sector of the cosmetics industry which draws on modern science and empirical knowledge of properties of plants to produce cosmetic products with desired effects.”

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Phytobiocosmetics is a scientific art. It requires a thorough knowledge of dermatology, chemistry, and biology. The practitioner should be also intimately familiar with beneficial as well as harmful properties of a vast number of plants, herbs, and vegetables.

Since foundation our objective is to:

“Always deliver well balanced products that give optimal results and may be used for many years without compromising the health of our clients and the integrity of their skins.”


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