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#CHOLLEYHISTORY Chapter 2: CHOLLEY’s foundation in 1989


2019 is a special year for CHOLLEY. We are going to celebrate our 30th Anniversary! We will do it with a great Symposium on 11 and 12 October. In the weeks preceding the event we would like to tell you, in different chapter, the history of CHOLLEY.

Chapter 2: CHOLLEY's foundation in 1989

CHOLLEY was founded in 1989 by Dante Morresi and Cholley Paydar Bavandpour. Its mission was to produce top quality Professional Phytocosmetics base on a traditional Persian recipe 100% natural.

Originating in the Zagros Mountains these extraordinary herbs were selected and cultivated by one of the most noted, noble families in the Middle East. For centuries they relied on these authentic beauty recipes which were passed on from generation to generation.

The Laboratories of  Dr. Masset were acquired by CHOLLEY SA in 1990. Today CHOLLEY Laboratories are conducted by Rick Paydar Bavandpour chemical engineer and his team of experts. He has created a dynamic organization that has produced some of the most cutting edge, innovative and effective Products and Treatments in the industry. CHOLLEY is the synthesis of modern Swiss science and technology with wisdom and knowledge of a noble and esteemed Persian family whose beauty traditions have millennial roots.

Cholley Paydar Bavandpour
Rick Paydar Bavandpour
Dante Morresi
1990 – Opening CHOLLEY branch in Milan, Italy.
1990 – Mme Cholley with Ornella Muti, one of the most famous actress in Italy & our first famous customer.