CHOLLEY Solutions for Dry Skin

Millions of people suffer from dry skin – and “suffer” is not an exaggeration. Besides the aesthetic impact, dry skin can be itchy, irritated, and painful. CHOLLEY offers the latest products designed to treat, soothe, and revitalize.

BIOREGENE Crème Peaux Sensibles

Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against the abundance of hydrating factors, emollients, vitamins, and nutrients in this intensive

Our research team has strategically integrated phytoshingosine and ceramides that help rebuild the skin’s protective lipid barrier, improve elasticity and flexibility, hydrate, and soothe discomfort. With daily use in the morning and evening, you can see a marked improvement and smoother, more supple skin.

CHOLLEY Crème Ultra Concentrée

Ideal for dry and maturing skin, this advanced formula delivers potent hydrating action while building a protective layer and stimulating collagen production. This luxuriant solution contains a powerful form of Hyaluronic Acid called Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, which aids in moisture retention (critical, especially as we age).

Additionally, essential fatty acids and micronutrients nourish skin at the cellular level. Follow up your cleansing routine with CHOLLEY Crème Ultra Concentrée morning and evening for best results.


A light, refreshing product, BIOREGENE Lait provides gentle cleansing for dry skin (it is also wonderful for mixed and delicate skin types. You can deeply cleanse, purify, refresh, and revive your skin with an optimal mix of moisturizing factors, vitamins, natural extracts, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

BIOREGENE Lait also improves elasticity and flexibility. It is ideal as a daily cleanser to prepare the skin for cosmetics and to remove makeup thoroughly.

Dry skin is a problem; fortunately, you have the solutions. With CHOLLEY, you can take on dry skin – and win.

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