CHOLLEY Phyto Cosmetics: The Perfect Blend of Science and Nature

The production of cosmetics has a long and storied history of questionable chemicals in the name of beauty. But nowadays, more and more people pay attention to what they put in and on their body.

This trend extends to the demand for natural ingredients in their skin care products. CHOLLEY’s Swiss skin care system, however, is way ahead of the curve. After all, they’ve specialized in Phyto cosmetics for decades.

Is Phyto Cosmetics the Same as Clean Beauty?

Phyto cosmetics fall under the category of clean makeup. You can think of Phyto cosmetics as “beauty derived from nature.” It goes beyond simple folk remedies, though. To truly offer a Phyto cosmetics line, the company needs to specialize in multiple disciplines. Chemistry, dermatology, and biology are just a few specialized areas it covers.

What About Clean Makeup?

Clean makeup or clean beauty is an umbrella term used to describe the move from toxic to all-natural ingredients. You may see the following cosmetic labels for clean makeup:

◼ Natural

◼ Green

◼ Eco

◼ Organic

Does this mean that all products that carry this branding fall into the “all-natural” category? Not necessarily. Personal care products are relatively unregulated. That means that cosmetic companies are free to call their products however they want.

You may find clean makeup that does not contain harmful chemicals in the ingredients list. But it’s anyone’s guess how many of the ingredients are plant or Phyto products.

The CHOLLEY Difference

Consumers clamor for all-natural skincare alternatives. And there are a variety of them on the market to choose from. However, unless you go with a reputable brand like CHOLLEY, you never really know what you’re getting.

For example, CHOLLEY’s Swiss skin cream for sun protection uses the national flower of Switzerland. The main active ingredient, Edelweiss, has unique antioxidant and healing properties. Not only does the cream protect from UVA and UVB rays, but it also heals.

This carefully crafted formula is a product of extensive research done at CHOLLEY’s dedicated labs. And it’s the main reason why you should not just settle for “clean.” Go for Phyto cosmetics instead.

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