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Act Your Age – But Don’t Look It with CHOLLEY Anti Age Spot Serum

Anti Age Spot Serum

Aging brings a host of benefits: you gain experience and, hopefully, wisdom to go along with it! With age comes self-assurance, confidence… and skin discolouration. Unfortunately, tan, brown, or black spots – known by the unpleasant moniker liver spots – often appear as you get older. If you have not seen these little signs of aging, great! How can you keep it that way? And if you have, what can you do?

The good news: age spots, which can range from freckle-size to ½ inch, are not indicative of health issues. But do see a doctor if you notice spots that increase in size, have very dark pigmentation and/or irregular borders, or are associated with itching, irritation, or bleeding.

How to get rid of age spots? Now, you can take steps to prevent age spots. How?

  • Limit your exposure to the sun. While these spots are common in those over 50, they can appear in younger sun-worshipers.
  • Cover up. Wear light clothing and a hat to protect yourself from sun exposure.
  • Apply a sun protection product, such as CHOLLEY Alpine Solar Defense SPF 50. Don’t forget your hands!

If you have seen some of these little spots pop up, take action. The Exclusive CHOLLEY Swiss Whitening Box helps you reclaim beautiful, unblemished skin. The kit contains CHOLLEY Phytocell Whitintense Serum, an intense skin whitening serum for face, neck, and décolleté, and CHOLLEY Phytocell Harmonizer, which is used on localised spots as a rapid anti age spot serum.

By using this advanced solution, you can block the MSH hormone, which produces skin-discolouring melanin, stimulate cell production, hydrate, and regenerate the skin, while slowing the photo-aging process.

Aging is a natural, and beautiful, process. But there’s no need to look your age. With CHOLLEY, you can look as great as you feel. Banish dark spots and enjoy healthy, vital, youthful skin with the CHOLLEY anti age spot serum.