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Celebration of 25th Birthday of CHOLLEY SA

Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary
2014 is on exciting milestone in the history of our Company as our products continue to reach new markets and our brand is increasingly recognized for quality and performance. CHOLLEY continues to grow in medical, pharmaceutical, and other high-end segments of the cosmetic market. These are prime and prestigious segments that reflect the growing confidence and recognition of the CHOLLEY Brand.

The introduction of the IC-RAMP® Technology and its implementation in the CHOLLEY Phytocell Products has enabled us to differentiate our stem cell products from the rest of the market. This year we have already released two new stem cell products, and other products are under development to complete the program. We have also introduced or drastically upgraded various CHOLLEY Products to meet the ever growing demands, requirements and challenges of our industry.

We look forward to the coming years with great confidence, knowing that the CHOLLEY Brand is well positioned and is on the right track to achieve outstanding results. 2014 has been a remarkable year so far and we wish to share with you all the exciting new developments that are underway during the celebration of our Company’s 25th Birthday.