Celebrating 30 Years of CHOLLEY’s Professional Masks

For the last 30 years, CHOLLEY has been at the forefront of plant-based cosmetic research. Combining the best of traditional Eastern herbal and therapeutic medicine with the latest Western science and research, CHOLLEY’s range of Swiss Phyto DermoCosmetics are a powerful way to help your skin look its radiant, youthful best.

Our professional anti-aging masks are reliable and Highly Effective, and are sought after by Skin-Care Professionals who want to use only the Highest Quality Products to care for their clients’ Beauty and Wellness. They’re based on our proprietary SWISS Technologies, developed over decades of dedicated research and study, and use stem cells and other Active ingredientsf rom carefully selected plants known for their beneficial effects.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the products that have helped to keep CHOLLEY’s Anti-Aging Masks at the cutting edge of the cosmetic industry for the last 30 years.

CHOLLEY Post Stress Skin Repair Mask

The Post Stress Skin Repair Mask is one of CHOLLEY’s Best Anti-Aging Masks, it combines the active beneficial actions of both Azelamide Mea, known as an effective treatment for acne-related skin damage thanks to its anti-pigmentation and sebum balancing properties, and Beta Glucan, a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that boosts skin regeneration. Its anti-wrinkle and antioxidant properties work together with its impressive emollient and hydrating action to leave skin smoother, more balanced, and refreshed.

CHOLLEY Skin Repair Mask

CHOLLEY Professional Clearing Mask

Specially designed to help eliminate liver spots and sunburn stains, this Professional mask has a powerful skin lightening action. It helps to revive and regenerate the skin, while soothing and reducing irritation and decongesting the pores. It is highly effective at reducing uneven pigmentation caused by age, acne, and sun exposure, helping to achieve a more uniform and fresher looking face.


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