Can you use sunscreen as a moisturizer?

As we begin to enjoy the first summer post covid pandemic many of us are thinking about summer holidays and that means being out more in the sun. The importance of applying sunscreen is fundamental and we have written about this in many previous articles. Being one of the leading Swiss skincare brands with experience over 30 years as a Swiss cosmetics company CHOLLEY produces an array of skincare products such as skin repair creamsun protection products  and damage skin repair cream.

But some of us heading out on a sunny day and applying sunscreen may be wondering do they need to apply moisturizers even after they have applied sunscreen. Essentially the question is can sunscreen replace a moisturizer and does  sunscreen moisturize. We recommend reading a great article about sunscreen as part of skincare routine we have written to also get more insight into this subject and answer the question you may ask yourself when heading outdoors ” can I use sunscreen as moisturiser”.

In the past we have discussed using repairing cream as a moisturizer, when it comes to whether sunscreen can be used as a moisturizer the answer is yes if the sunscreen has enough of certain ingredients. Some of these ingredients that can make a sunscreen suitable to be used as a moisturizer are ceramides, emollients, and humectants. If these ingredients are present in a sunscreen that means they help to prevent moisture loss which helps to lubricates the skin. So to answer the question “can you use sunscreen as a moisturiser” really depends on the type of sunscreen you are using.

Does Sunscreen Have Moisturizer?

We can also answer the  question can sunscreen be used as moisturizer by looking at the essence of sunscreen and what is made for.  The essence and purpose of sunscreen is to create a defensive and protective layer on your skin against harmful UV rays and not to do reinstate moisture into your skin. You must note that not all sunscreen products are made equally. Certain sunscreens are composed of formulas that have many defensive and protective emollients in them. At the same time some sunscreen brands do not have these protective emollients in them and are thinner. If the sunscreen you are using is lighter and does not have many emollients in it, you need to apply more of it to be able to get the moisturizing benefits.

But if you are using a sunscreen that is light when it comes to emollients, and you are applying a lot of it your skin may feel heavy and the sunscreen on your skin will be greasy. If you are planning to use sunscreen on your face as a moisturizer it is recommended to try several sunscreens and find the one that feels right on your skin. Please refer to the following article about how much skincare products to use.

One other issue to consider when using sunscreen on your skin as a moisturizer is whether using sunscreen regularly every day on your skin as a moisturizer can harm your skin. First you must know that the skin on your face is more sensitive than skin on other parts of your body. Essentially you do not want to  use a product that cause damage to your skin and compels you to use a product such as damage skin repair cream.

So, when replacing your moisturizer with sunscreen you need to make sure you do not apply  sunscreen brands in particular on your face that can irritate your skin or make it red and cause break outs. The best way to prevent irritations or breakouts is to choose sunscreen that is labelled oil-free, non-comedogenic” or “perfume-free since they are safer in particular for sensitive skins. By the way if you are concerned about oily skin our article about what are the hormones that cause oily skin should be interesting for you.

Can I skip Moisturizer and Use Sunscreen?

Many people who use sunscreen regularly want to know is it all right if they skip using moisturiser since they are using sunscreen. This is one of those things that we can look into both as long term  and short term. When it comes to short term effects it won’t hurt if you skip moisturiser but when looking at long term effects is best to not skin applying moisturiser.Using moisturiser will help to prevent  the signs of aging and provide better protection.

How to Apply Sunscreen and Moisturizer?

The correct application of skincare products is very important and we have written about this in previous articles about building a skincare routine. When it comes to those who use both sunscreen and moisturizer the order of application is important. As we have mentioned before sunscreen should be the last step in the skincare routine. This is due to the reason that sunscreen products are formulated specifically with certain ingredients that are protective. Therefor  putting sunscreen after moisturizer will assist in blocking harmful UV rays.

How to Apply Sunscreen on Face?

When it comes to applying sunscreen on face there are certain guidelines that must be followed. Needless to say the first step when it comes to applying sunscreen to the face must be to wash your face throughly. Ideally you should wash your face using a cleanser in order to remove oil and makeup that could have been collected on your face. This will ensure that sunscreen will penetrate your skin throughly and do what it is supposed to do. Next you should apply  plentiful amount of sunscreen to your face and make sure you also apply some on your neck. Once this has been done you can then apply makeup on top of sunscreen.

In addition, the best way to make sure the sunscreen is absorbed is to exfoliate at least once a week. By exfoliating you can remove the dry skin and dead skin cells that prevent sunscreen from being absorbed

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