Can you overdo skincare?

Many of us could be too young to remember but skincare was much simpler many years ago. Perhaps if you ask your mother or grandmother about their skincare routine and what skincare products, they used they may say just a few such as cleansers, toners and moisturizers.

But today we have many more skincare products to choose form such as serums, exfoliants, facial oils, masks to just name a few. Many of you may be wondering if all these products are necessary.

Although our skin does not really keep count of how many products we use there are some warning signs to look for. Also important is how often we use them and the composition and ingredients these products are made of.

Our skin will clearly show signs of problem if we are using certain products too much or if the ones we use are made of nasty ingredients. There are some signs that you should look for to see if your skincare routine is going in the wrong direction or the products you are using contain nasty ingredients.

The first sign to look for is that your skin is dry. There are several reasons your skin can become dry ranging from sun damage, cold weather and for skincare products. We have a great article about how to treat and repair dry skin which you could be interested in.

Another thing to look for is to see if your skin is becoming irritated. Skincare products have shown to cause skin irritation and allergies. These issues are usually more common with those who have a sensitive skin.

To avoid skin irritations caused by skincare in general is best not to overdue and overuse products such as exfoliants. Many skincare irritations caused by exfoliants happen when you use a different type of each time. You should not change between glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid exfoliants and is best to use just one type continually!

Another thing to look for is to see if you are having issues with breakouts. Sometimes you are using a moisturizer and suddenly you see many pimples appearing on your skin.

To help avoid issues relating with breakouts caused by moisturizers there are certain steps you can take. Make sure you are not using too much moisturizer and pay attention to how much skincare products you are using. In many instances these breakouts happen due to excessive amount of moisturizer used. Also, if you have a sensitive skin and have had issues with pimples before you are more likely to have issues with moisturizers and need to be more cautious!

The skincare and beauty market are continually changing and there are new products constantly coming into the market. It is very tempting to use all these new products, but you should be cautious and not try every new product that comes onto the market.

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