Can men use women skincare products?

Historically most marketing and advertising for skincare products has been targeted towards women. Many perceive this lack of marketing and advertising towards men’s skincare as a notion that men do not need as much attention as women when it comes to skincare.

This perception of men needing little attention when it comes to skincare is wrong. We have discussed the differences when it comes to skincare for men and women in previous articles such as the one about cellulite and men. To be able to see clearly what skincare products men need we must look closer at the composition of the skin of men. There are several important facts that make men’s skin different than to women.

The presence of facial hair on the skin of men is one of those essential differences. The presence of facial hair on men’s face does not mean that somehow the hair will protect the skin of men. But due to the presence of facial hair on men’s skin they need to use specific products that are made for men! Another one of the main differences between the skin of men and women is that in most cases men’s skin is oilier due to presence of hormones.

This being said most men can use women’s skincare product in many instances although many specific ingredients in women’s skincare such as peelings agents are not needed for men.

So, as we said men can use women’s skincare products, but it may not be as effective. It is advisable that men use skincare products that are made specifically for men since they contain certain ingredients that are more effective for men’s skin.

Men’s skincare routine

Now let’s discuss what skincare routine should be followed by men?

Washing your face with a facial wash or soap is essential since contamination is collected on the skin such as dirt and pollution and washing will remove it. Washing your face with a facial wash not only will remove dirt and pollution but will also soften the skin which maybe damaged due to razor burns and help to protect from further damage.

One thing that is unique to men’s skin is the need for aftershave. Since men shave their face often use of an aftershave is essential to protect the skin form cuts and irritations produced during the shaving process. In addition, aftershave will help to protect the skin from other issues that can be caused by shaving such as acne.

As with women the importance of maintaining the skin hydrated is essential when it comes to men’s skincare. Therefor use of moisturizers is recommended to maintain moisture on your skin.

Finally, as we have mentioned in numerous previous articles the use of sunscreen is very important. The regular use of sunscreen will protect the skin form the UV rays produced by the sun which can damage the skin.

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