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For many women who suffer from cellulite the question may rise as if the cellulite that affects them as women can also affect men. Many women who suffer from cellulite searching for products to treat cellulite and men whose wife suffers from cellulite may have asked this question.

Since we are one of the most innovative Swiss skincare brands we like to look into skin conditions from various angles.  The answer to this question essentially is based on how differently the bodies of men and women are formed. Women‘s bodies are more prone to cellulite due to the formation of their connective tissues which are weaker compared to those of men. In addition, hormonal factors impact the appearance of cellulite in women . Fat cells on women are larger than those of men due to female hormones and this also creates more suitable conditions for the development of cellulite on female bodies.

Men do not suffer from cellulite since their connective tissues are stronger in addition to having smaller fat cells due to male hormones. In fact, many of cellulite treatments performed on women focus on tackling the issues we have highlighted to treat cellulite.

Many cellulite treatments focus on making the women connective tissues stronger by making the skin firmer to combat cellulite which also helps to reduce the development of fat cells. This new approach which focuses on tightening the tissues has proven to be scientifically more correct and provides better results than previous treatments which focused on lymphatic drainage and massage.

The importance of collagen is also important again when it comes to cellulite as with many other skin conditions. Studies have shown that women have around 30% less collagen fibres than men and about 50% more fat in the deepest skin layer known as hypodermis.

To paint the better picture the lesser collagen fiber in women and more fat cells works like this. The larger amount of fat cells in women are pushing outward and they are met with less resistance due to lesser collagen and the results are development of cellulite. The opposite is the scenario in men since they have less fat pushing outward and more collagen to push back against the lesser amount of fat.

Putting the reasons that cause cellulite we have mentioned so far one must also factor in the importance of age. With age the inner layer of the two main layers of the skin called the dermis becomes thinner. As we mentioned earlier due to women having larger fat cells and dermis becoming thinner with age it means there is even less of this skin layer to resists the outwardly pushing fat and as women age, so they are more likely to develop cellulite.

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