Can Acne Be Cured Permanently ?

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There are numerous skin conditions and one of the most common ones is acne. One can say that acne is one of the skin conditions that can be found both in male and females fairly equitably. Many of those who suffer from acne can become anxious since they may not clearly understand what acne is and its root causes.

People of all age categories can be effected by acne but in general it effects young people who are in their teenage and adolescence years more often. Essentially acne occurs when the pores on your skin are clogged or blocked with oils and dead skin cells.

When the pores on the skin are clogged the sebaceous duct situated below our skin are effected. These sebaceous ducts become excessively full and due to these substances are produced and discharged from the cells. They will cause excessive and more than normal amounts of oils and sebum to get confined and trapped inside the skin. Ultimately this situation creates a perfect environment for the acne bacteria to develop and grow.

Now that we have defined what acne is and shown how it develops and grows lets now look at if we can permanently cure acne. In general acne cannot be cured but it can be treated. There are some who have suggested that changes in diet can cure acne but this is not true. Dietary changes can help to control to a certain extent the acne breakouts but they cannot cure it.

In general a good diet plays an essential part when it comes to having and maintaining healthy and beautiful skin but it cannot cure acne. There has even been suggested that dry skin can cause acne but this is also not true.

The Corelation of Certain Foods and Acne

As we mentioned acne cannot be cured by dietary changes but they can help to control the breakouts to a certain extent. Although some studies have shown a mutual relationship and correlation between certain food groups such as dairy and the severity of acne actually no food can cause acne. By the way if you are a chocolate lover and are concerned about chocolate causing acne, we recommend you read our article about if chocolate causes acne.

Can Skincare Products Cure Acne

Furthermore, no skincare product can cure acne permanently either. We have written in the past about if anti-aging creams can help acne.  Certain skincare products, vitamins and facial mask have claimed that they can cure acne but this is also not true. When you are suffering from acne you should not purchase these products with the hopes of permanently curing your acne problem but rather treating your acne problem.

When Suffering from Acne you Need Patience

In most cases acne has shown to be treated spontaneously with time, so showing patience is key when suffering from acne. But as you patiently endure acne you should use over the counter skincare products and also prescription medication given by a dermatologist to treat your acne problems. It is also very important to continue the treatment even after the acne and pimples have cleared away.

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