Can a young person use Anti-Aging Cream?

For most of us our 20’s actually means the start of our adult life. During these years you begin becoming more serious about life and you look forward to starting a career and family. But other things like taking care of your skin which when you were in your teens you did not worry about also need more attention as you get older.

Skincare is something that we should all be concerned about even at a young age. You may think for those who are young and in their 20’s skincare should not be a concern. But that is wrong since if you look at it rationally the sooner you start taking caring of your skin the better and more likely you will be able to prevent problems.

According to dermatologist you should start to take care of your skin in your mid 20’s seriously and establish a skin care routine. As we get older the hydration level in our skin cells decreases which can cause wrinkles to be formed. So, the sooner you start using products such as moisturizers to prevent the appearance of these wrinkles the better!

Also, if you start taking care of your skin in your early 20’s there will be much less damage done to your skin rather than if you wait until you are in your 30’s. When you are in your early 20’s it is unlikely that you have problems such as age spots. But the sooner you start the better the overall results in the long run!

Also, those in their 20’s should take other preventive actions to keep their skin healthy. These include not smoking and using sunscreen on regular basis. Several studies have shown that smoking decreases your body’s ability to make collagen and causes wrinkles to appear on your skin.

Using sunscreen is essential at all ages to prevent skin damage including for those in their 20’s. Using a sunscreen that helps to protect both against UVA & UVB rays that has a SPF of 30 or higher on a regular basis is fundamental.

With these guidelines the beautiful skin you had when you were in your teens will stay beautiful and healthy as you get older.

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