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Trips to the spa or clinic remain a treasured way to combat daily stress, make time for relaxation, and look, and feel, one’s best. What are today’s clients looking for when they walk through your doors? Let’s take a look at some prominent trends in the industry.

More Men. No longer the exclusive domain of women, spas and clinics are catering to image- and health-conscious males. Demand for these services is increasing among men, so intrepid owners/managers can blaze a trail towards greater profitability.

Popular amenities include steam rooms, dry saunas, male-specific products, fitness-related activities, and a blend of outdoor and indoor elements. As always, massage is popular with both men and women, and more men are taking advantage of skin treatments (look @ our BIOFORCE Products).

Adventure + Relaxation. More spa-goers are looking to combine high-octane activities with more traditional relaxation elements. For example, rock-climbing walls or hot yoga get the heart going, while a massage or soothing facial quiets the mind. A perfect blend that targets health on multiple levels.

Integration of Technology. Technology enables a seamless experience. More spas and clinics offer customers the opportunity to purchase products online (a terrific follow-up to onsite consultations) or book appointments via mobile apps. This extends your reach beyond a brick-and-mortar building and allows customers to interact with you across channels.

Quality First. Consumers are more willing to pay higher prices to receive products and services of superior quality. Because of the increased focused on health and wellness, they do not want to skimp on this area. CHOLLEY offers the ideal combination of science and nature, delivering solutions that contain gentle phyto stem cells, antioxidants, and other effective ingredients. The results reveal themselves in clear, clean, beautifully renewed skin – and in your profits.

These trends are dominating spas and clinics around the world; what are your customers demanding?

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