Best Skin Care Trends for 2020

The skin care industry is subject to constant innovations. But some basic and timeless principals still apply. And as we approach the changing of the season, our skin care routines are bound to change, too. At CHOLLEY we have have kept up with rapid changes and this has made us one of the leading skin care & cosmetics products manufacturers in Switzerland.

What fresh new trend is on the horizon this year? Which trends have stuck around from last year? And which approach to skin care is your strongest defense against aging?

Plant-Based Skin Care Is More Important Than Ever

This is a trend that has been on the rise in recent years, and is expected to become even more popular. Veganism as a lifestyle choice has made an incredible impact on many industries.

Phyto-cosmetics has been around for decades, but only recently has it become a part of mainstream cosmetics. Swiss skin care companies like CHOLLEY have been at the forefront of this technology. Our Phytocell Cream has incredible anti-aging and hydrating properties. CHOLLEY offers you some of the best whitening creams including  some of the best lightening cream for melasma.

But so many other brands have been opting for the plant-based route. It’s all about getting close to nature, nurturing a cruelty-free approach in the industry.

By-Product Skin Care

This is definitely a brand-new trend that a lot of companies will be trying to implement into their collections. The concept of by-product cosmetics revolves around repurposing the waste and shortening the chain of supply.

Sustainability is an inevitable part of the future for many industries – and it’s no different for skin care products. If you’re a little suspicious about what is that supposed to look like, don’t be.

It can be something as simple as companies using coffee grounds to produce face and body scrubs. Or using fruits and vegetables that haven’t been sold or discarded.

Skin Lightening Cream & Serum | CHOLLEY
CHOLLEY Edelweiss Cream SPF20

SPF Is Here to Stay

What’s the number one thing all skin care specialist always say? Don’t leave the house without putting the SPF on. That’s right, protecting your skin from Ultraviolet rays is undoubtedly the first and most important preventative measure. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny outside or not, keep your SPF protection close.

If you’re a fan of Swiss skin care, you should consider CHOLLEY Edelweiss Day Cream SPF 20. It has incredible repairing and antioxidant effects, is It’s suitable for all skin types, will help reduce signs of aging, and give you a lovely glow.

Trends Come and Go, but Quality Sticks Around

Ultimately, skin care trends can be both controversial and unsustainable. There are a lot of technologies available, like the ones Swiss skin care companies use, that understand the importance of essential innovation, but it can be a slow process.

That’s why keeping tabs on trends is crucial, but knowing what really works and what doesn’t will help you save a lot of time. In the meantime, be sure to wear that SPF.

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