Best Skin Care Routine for Acne

Those who take very well care of their skin all have a skincare routine that works well and is effective. The same concept must be applied and followed if you have acne problems, and you must also establish a skin care routine that works well for you and is effective.

The first step must be washing your face at least once a day and this is specially more needed if you suffer from acne. Please note that we say at least once a day and preferably washing your face twice a day is more recommended. You can wash your face once waking up and once before going to sleep.


CHOLLEY BIOCLEAN Lait is a great product to use for washing your face. It is specially balanced for oily, mixed and impure skin that penetrates deeply into your skin. It helps to remove harmful elements without drying your skin. It also helps to calm irritation and redness caused by acne and tightens your pores at the same time.

Now after having washed your face, you also need to make sure your skin is kept hydrated and is moisturized. Acne needs oily skin and since acne prone skin is in most cases oily it needs moisturizers to keep your oil glands from producing more oil which is not what you want when fighting acne.

You also must make sure your wear sunscreen when being exposed to the sun. Exposure to too much sun can make your acne worst in addition to other harmful effects such as skin cancer and premature aging. So, it is highly recommended to wear sunscreen especially during the hours the sun is at its peak.

At night-time after having washed your face you must apply an acne treatment product to your face. The acne treatment should be the right product to treat your particular type of acne weather it is blackheads, whiteheads or other types of acne.

Let’s now review some anti-acne products from CHOLLEY one of the leading Suisse skin care manufactueres which you can include and use in your skin care routine to treat acne.

CHOLLEY Anti Acne Products

BIOCLEAN® Lotion from CHOLLEY is an excellent and very effective tonic recommended for mixed & oily skin that fights acne. It helps to treat and heal irritation and swelling caused by pimples and acne. It also helps to tighten the skin pores caused by acne and has hydrating action to soften and moisturize your skin.

BIOCLEAN Creme Peaux Impures

Another great product to treat acne from CHOLLEY is BIOCLEAN Crème Peaux Impures. This cream that helps to normalise your sebum offers hydrating action and is an excellent cream for acne. Its formula is designed to help the formation of sebum and prevent the formation of acne, pimples and blackheads.

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