“Athleisure” Makeup? Derms Say “No!”

Athlesiure: now that’s a trend we can get behind. Chic yoga pants with a cute top for a casual day at work. A comfy sweatshirt with some workout pants for those day-off errands. And, when the urge strikes, you’re all ready for your workout. But when it comes to athleisure makeup? Well, this is a fad that needs to fade. Here’s why.

Athleisure makeup is, you guessed it, cosmetics that you wear while working out: sweat-proof mascara, tinted moisturizer, lip balm so you’ve got the perfect pout while you’re trudging on the treadmill. But there’s a few issues with this: first, when you mix makeup with sweat, you get clogged pores. This is an invitation for acne. Plus makeup running down your face as you work up a sweat is bound to cause eye irritation.

Another problem – even higher on the gross scale – is that makeup can harbor bacteria, especially when people apply it with their hands. Think about all that corpse and downward dog posing you do, sweat dripping. If you’re on rented or common equipment, that spells yuck.

According to Dr. Angela Lamb, director of dermatology at the Institute of Family Health and assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, athleisure makeup “puts unnecessary pressure – particularly on women – to look ‘perfect’ all the time. Come on. Anything that adds to your regimen when you are just trying to focus on your health is a downer in my book.”

In our book too. The best course of action is to get ready for your workout with a clean, fresh face. You can get your sweat on (which is the point of exercising!) without worrying about clogging or irritation. Furthermore, there’s nothing more gorgeous than the rosy glow you get from good old endorphins. Afterward, freshen up with a light cleansing product. CHOLLEY’s Purifying Cleansing Gel, for example, is perfectly balanced for daily skin care; it works to remove makeup and impurities while protecting, hydrating, and soothing.

For best effects, skip the pre-workout makeup routine. You can always apply after if you want.

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