Article regarding CHOLLEY SA for the ‘Ticino Business Magazine’ – the official Economy magazine of the Ticino Chamber of Commerce  – CHOLLEY’s 30 Years Anniversary – December, 2019

“In the highly competitive Cosmetic sector, the longevity of a Brand is confirm of its high quality and great ability to innovate but retaining its values at the same time.

CHOLLEY is a Ticino-based company admired worldwide as a synonym of Swiss quality and excellence. The CHOLLEY Brand’s excellent positioning over these 30 years is the result of continuous innovation with highly technological and cutting-edge products, thanks to the exclusive 100% Swiss technology and know-how by our Locarno Laboratories, as well as collaborations with the best research centres in Ticino and Switzerland. Founded in 1972 by Dr. Masset de Vallfort and acquired by CHOLLEY SA in 1990, our laboratories have been able to create a perfect synergy between exclusive recipes, based on selected herbs and plants, and modern cutting-edge Swiss technology in the field of Dermo cosmetics.

With over 25 distributors worldwide, CHOLLEY® products are recognized as a top Brand in Dermo Cosmetics, continuing its success in new markets in the aesthetic, surgical and luxury cosmetics sector.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, CHOLLEY® organized, along with the City of Lugano, the Second International Symposium “Swiss Aging and Healthcare” on 11 October 2019 at LAC Lugano Arte & Cultura, inviting hundreds of experts in the Wellness and Healthcare sector from over 10 countries worldwide. The event, promoted by the Economic Development Division of the City of Lugano in collaboration with CHOLLEY SA, has strengthened Lugano’s image as a cutting-edge centre in the Swiss Life Sciences sector, presenting what our region has to offer to the participants within the new Swiss Anti-Aging and Healthcare frontiers for the cosmetic, medical and hospital sectors.

Among those participating were the Lugano EOC Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the Ticino Canton Chamber of Commerce and the Lugano Tourism Board.

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, CHOLLEY organized a Gala Dinner and an International Life Science Cosmetics Seminar which was held on October 12, 2019 presenting the CHOLLEY Phytobiotech System, the new and exclusive cutting-edge technology from our Swiss Laboratories; particularly effective both before and after surgery and cosmetic surgery, capable of stimulating the skin’s regeneration and healing processes.”

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