Appear More Youthful and Refreshed with the Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

In our hectic modern lives, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. It is not a surprise, with all the blue light from our screens and sheer stresses of day to day life. This can lead to dark eye circles, which can make you look older and tired, and feels like adding insult to injury.

Why Do Dark circles Happen?

Dark circles affect people of all ages, and they happen because the thin skin of your lower eyelid isn’t supported by the fats and muscles found elsewhere in your body. This skin is filled with many small blood vessels, and when the blood flowing through them becomes poorly oxygenated and congested, it causes the dark, purplish tint of those unsightly circles.

What Can CHOLLEY Phytocell® Eye Contour Cream Do for You?

CHOLLEY’s Eye Contour Cream is one of the best eye cream options available to help restore your tired-looking eyes to their sparkling best. It works in three important areas of skin care to support the structure of your skin, and to help reduce dark circles:


  • Its reinforcing properties use CHOLLEY’s own IC-RAMP® technology, incorporating stem-cell extracts and antioxidant properties from the Symphytum plant, to reduce both dark circles and wrinkles from your eye contour area.
  • It reduces congestion and the puffiness that comes with inflammation, thanks to its diuretic and astringent action which improves capillary function and drains excess fluids in the lower eyelid.
  • It makes your skin more resilient and firmer using its powerful hydrating factors and emollient action.

Combining all three features helps reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles under your eyes, and to leave you looking fresh and younger than ever. It’s great for both women and men of all ages, and will provide you with lasting support for the windows to your soul. After just eight weeks using the cream, you’ll be amazed at the results, and you’ll agree that it’s the best eye cream for dark circles!

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