Strength training, a balanced diet and CHOLLEY is the best recipe for cellulite-banishing success

CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Program

Fact or fiction: Slim women do not get cellulite. You cannot rid yourself of cellulite. Well, you can… but it’ll take hours of cardio a day and a strict diet of celery sticks and water.

Fiction, fiction, fiction. Any woman can have cellulite – and in fact, 90% do at some point or other in their lives. And while it’s true that exercise and diet can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, you are better off trading the treadmill for free weights. Strength training, a balanced diet and a little help from CHOLLEY is the best recipe for cellulite-banishing success.

Cellulite is the dimpled or lumpy appearance skin can take on when there is subcutaneous fat deposits underneath. You’re most likely to notice it in the thighs and buttocks. And, again, while most women and some men have cellulite, it is still a major source of concern for many. It can prevent people from enjoying themselves on the beach, wearing shorts or simply feeling comfortable and confident in their bodies.

As mentioned, exercise and diet help. Toning and strengthening the areas in which cellulite occur can reduce the dimpled appearance. But that is often not enough for many people. In that case, CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion can help.

The specially formulated emulsion contains a high concentration of phyto extracts that have fat- and water-reducing properties. By applying topically, you or your clients can help speed the local metabolism of the fat, as well as remove excess water and toxins from these cellulite-prone areas. CHOLLEY’s revolutionary anti-cellulite products help strengthen the connective tissues, diminishing lumpy appearances and smoothing out the skin.

The fact about cellulite is that it happens to most of us. With our advanced anti-cellulite formula, you can significantly reduce the impact it has on the skin – and on peoples’ lives.

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