3 Ways to Promote CHOLLEY Phyto Cosmetics With Your Clients

CHOLLEY Promotion and sales

For many spas and clinics, customer service is the single most important distinguishing factor. Helping clients learn more about every possible treatment and product is essential, not only to ensure you’re meeting your clients’ needs, but also to help your business do more. Our research has found that few things can meet your clients’ needs quite like our Program of phyto cosmetics, and we’re continually developing new techniques, methods, and products to help create a natural balance for your clients, using refined, rare, raw materials that redefine excellence. It’s only natural, though, to need a bit of help on the promotional side of the beauty therapy business. Fortunately, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. You have the opportunity to increase your sales, and your clients have the chance to maximise their treatment potentials. What can you do to further promote CHOLLEY in your clinic, spa or salon? Take a look.

  1. Create Learning Opportunities: It’s possible not all of your team members know what to promote and when, so with regular training, you may be able to help ensure everyone is on the same page. They’ll be able to use that knowledge in every session with clients, helping give them the security they need to recommend various solutions. Have team members attend regular training sessions, and as they learn more about just how powerful the CHOLLEY Programs can be, you may even want individual team members to make presentations about various parts of the line.
  2. Find the Perfect Time: During almost any treatment session, a golden time to offer more products and information presents itself. Help your team members understand that golden time scenario. The ability to offer various beneficial treatments for a problem the client presents is the single best way to make a sale. Your clients are already there looking for solutions. Adding something like our anti aging cream because they’re worried about added wrinkles is only a bonus for them.
  3. Create Interest: Offering literature, an attractive product display, or a new information seminar at your clinic or spa is the perfect way to build interest in the entire CHOLLEY Program. You could always design a leaflet for a given set of products that clients can grab as they get ready to leave. You could also send an email to let them know you have new products available at their next sessions.

CHOLLEY Phyto Cosmetics will often sell themselves once your client base realises just how powerful they can be.  See in details our Collections.

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