3 Signs of Unhealthy Skin – And What To Do About Them

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Your skin doesn’t lie. When it is healthy, you look healthy. Glowing. Even. Vibrant. Youthful. But when it is unhealthy… well, the evidence is right there in the mirror. Learn to spot a few key signs of lackluster skin – and then find out how to get the beautiful skin you want.

Dark Circles: We normally associate dark circles under the eyes as the result of fatigue or exhaustion. While those factors can contribute, age, overall skin health, and stress are the major culprits. The skin here is here is very thin, making the blood underneath more prominent. Because the skin only loses thickness as you age, dark circles can worsen over time.

Fight back! Use an advanced product, such as CHOLLEY Phytocell Eye Contour Cream after you cleanse your face in the evening (and in the morning as well, if you wish). Containing Swiss phyto stem cell extracts, phytobiological actives, and hydration-promoting factors, this cream can erase dark circles. You’ll look more rested than ever.

Dry Patches: If you live through cold winters, where humidity levels are low, you know it can be a constant battle to moisturize. But if your skin “guzzles” up hydrating lotion without satiety, it indicates a little more is going on than the weather. Chronically dry skin feels tight and often itches; additionally, it can look red and irritated.

If you suffer with dry patches, it’s time for smart hydration. First, look at your cleanser. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, opt for a gentler product that conditions while it cleans. Follow-up with an intensive moisturizer. And “intensive” doesn’t have to mean “heavy.” CHOLLEY scientists develop natural solutions that are light on the skin.

Chapped or Cracked Lips: This could be a side effect of dry skin, or it could indicate you have a Vitamin B deficiency. Moisturize with a gentle product, and incorporate B-rich foods into your diet, such as dark leafy greens, legumes, nuts, lean meats, eggs, and dairy. Healthy bodies and healthy skin go hand-in-hand.

When your skin is unhealthy, it shows. Take a few simple steps to improve how your skin looks and feels. It is worth it!

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