3 Hot Health and Beauty Trends to Keep on Your Radar

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Dermatologists play a key role in the goal for healthy, radiant skin. When clients and patients have questions, they turn to the professionals. Be sure to stay on top of the latest trends, including:

1. Hyaluronic Acid

As savvy consumers continue to eschew toxic ingredients, natural hyaluronic acid has burst onto the skincare scene. Produced naturally by the body, HA helps retain collagen, boost elasticity, and increase moisture – making a powerful addition to anti-aging products. Featuring solutions like CHOLLEY Ampoules with Hydrating and Firming Effects helps position your practice as a leader in skincare. In addition to HA, these capsules contain healthy amino acids, vitamins, and phyto extracts. The results: intense hydration, softer, more elastic skin, cellular regeneration, collagen production, antioxidant action, and beautiful, radiant skin.

2. Smarter At-Home Skincare Routines

More people are heeding the lessons of their skincare professionals and revamping their at-home routines. They’re ditching the harsh chemical cleansers in favor of products that help maintain delicate pH balance and nourishes the skin, rather than stripping it of essential oils and secretions (such as sebum). Look at our BIOCLEAN Sebo-Balance solution for intelligent skin care.


3. Integrating Skin Care and Nutrition

Health, beauty, wellness – it’s all connected. Skincare is taking a holistic approach; this is why more people are eating for great skin. Bacteria in your gut can lead to changes that show up on your skin. Bad bacteria can result in redness, acne, and irritation. On the other hand, good bacteria can help your clients achieve the look and feel they desire. Probiotics are the key to fostering beneficial bacteria: recommend foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt, and miso soup. They are becoming popular for people who have an appetite for great food and great skin.

CHOLLEY can help you provide the best care – and the best results – to your clients and patients. Explore our full line of natural, healthy, and effective solutions.

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