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Although you may not like it having cellulite is something that we all can face at sometimes in our lives. Cellulite is actually caused by fat pushing against your skin tissues. To simply even further cellulite is the fat squeezed between your skin and muscles. The dimple appearance of cellulite is formed by the fat that pushes on the tissue which connects your skin to your muscle.

The reasons that cellulite appears are quiet varied and they range from aging, gaining weight to genetics. It has been estimated that up to 90% of all women have issues with cellulite, so if you are having issues with cellulite don’t worry you are not alone!

We can dig a bit deeper into the formation of cellulite and see that female sex hormones such as oestrogen play a part. Oestrogen can cause your body to create more fat, therefor this excess fat can create imbalance between oestrogen and testosterone and create cellulite.

Further research suggests cellulite appears more in women when they approach menopause since their oestrogen declines. When oestrogen levels decrease fat cells become bigger and cellulite appears more often and is more visible.

So, having cellulites is very normal and you should not be alarmed when they appear. But to get rid of cellulite is not quick and there are different treatments.  We will now review some Anti- cellulite creams from CHOLLEY that help to treat cellulite.

CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion


The CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion is the most comprehensive and effective cellulite fluid produced by CHOLLEY. It is very effective when it comes to treating cellulite since it is composed of ingredients such as “lipolytic” which reduces fat and “diuretic” which reduces water. Not only does it help to fight cellulite it also leaves your skin smooth and hydrated!

CELLIPEX Slimming & Draining Gel

Another very effective product from CHOLLEY when it comes to fighting cellulite is the CELLIPEX Slimming and Draining GelThis gel is particularly effective when it comes to treating edematous types of cellulite which have high water retention.  It has a high level of Ederin & Escin which are extracted from Indian Chestnuts and leaves of Arboreal Ivy which are very effective when it comes to reducing edema.

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