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CHOLLEY is an innovative Swiss manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality Swiss skin care & anti-aging cosmetics, which are based on phyto dermocosmetics. The company headquarters are located in Lugano, while its research and manufacturing Laboratories are based in nearby Locarno Switzerland.

CHOLLEY traces its roots back to the pioneering work of Dr. Masset, the prominent scientist, who in 1972 founded his Swiss Laboratories to focus on the development of ground-breaking phyto biological cosmetics. Drawing on vast experience of Dr. Masset in the Swiss Pharmaceutical industry, his Laboratories soon became the leader in high quality phytobiological cosmetics.

CHOLLEY was founded in 1989. It acquired the Dr. Masset’s Laboratories in 1990 as its research and manufacturing arm in order to bring the highest quality phyto dermocosmetics to the professionals in the skin care and cosmetic medicine industries. Drawing on nearly 50 years of uninterrupted research and development, in close collaboration with Swiss academic centers and life science industries, CHOLLEY delivers unsurpassed results in Swiss anti-aging and skin repair treatments.

CHOLLEY is making a major impact on the cosmetic and skincare industry by bringing its new exclusive IC-RAMP® and PHYTOBIOTECH® Technologies to the world market. While being based on the latest innovations in biochemistry and cosmetic science, they serve as the driving force that ensures the high quality of CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL® and PHYTOBIOTECH® Products and place CHOLLEY at the forefront of Swiss Phyto Stem Cell and Anti-Glycation Technologies.

CHOLLEY delivers the very best Swiss made products for the health, preservation, and protection of the skin, with an uncompromising commitment to quality and Swiss excellence.


Phyto cosmetics  is a scientific art. It requires a thorough knowledge of dermatology, chemistry, and biology.  A definition of phyto cosmetics  would be this: ‘a special sector of the cosmetics industry which draws on modern science and empirical knowledge of properties of plants to produce cosmetic products with desired effects’.

CHOLLEY Swiss cosmetics are the result of the empirical science of swiss professional phyto cosmetics, with the latest advances in biology, molecular chemistry, and nanotechnology. Classic Phytocosmetics united with the latest advances in Swiss biology and advanced technology, to offer the most effective products possible: this is the primary pillar in the development of the best Swiss Anti Aging Products.

In very general terms, phytocosmetics are cosmetic products whose principal active ingredients are derived from plants as opposed to being produced synthetically. Phyto cosmetics  owe a great debt to popular and empirical medicine, which over thousands of years, through the crude technique of trial and error, has identified the beneficial properties of innumerable plants. Today, equipped with our knowledge of chemistry and biology, we know the scientific foundation of these properties to maximize the efficacy of CHOLLEY Swiss skincare.

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‘Biological active ingredients are strategic in CHOLLEY Swiss Anti Aging Skin Care. Studies conducted on biological active ingredients demonstrated their efficacy in maximizing effective concentrations, maximizing action in the connective tissue, maximizing action period, and minimizing undesired effects.’


Phyto cosmetics since 1972

CHOLLEY is considered a unique Swiss company with tremendous expertise in the field of Swiss anti aging skin care and skin lightening cream.

Selecting the right ingredients for a cosmetic product is a matter of art as well as science. There are numerous technical and commercial issues to consider, in order to develop effective and successful phyto biocosmetic products, that bear our logo.

These considerations include the following:

  1. The precise effects that a product should deliver ( e.g., diminishing wrinkles, protecting against the sun, etc)
  2. The optimal combination and proportion of plant extracts and other active ingredients
  3. Proper delivery vehicle for the active ingredients
  4. Compatibility of ingredients to prevent an occlusive effect
  5. The type of skin for which the product is intended.
  6. Optimal form of the product (e.g. mask, cream, emulsion, gel, etc.)
  7. The age group for which the product is intended
  8. The product’s ease of application
  9. Immediate feel of the product
  10. Comfort of use a few hours after application.
  11. Long term effect of the product on the skin and the health of the user
  12. Stability of the product in ambiental conditions for a minimum of two years
  13. Proper use of anti-oxidants to prevent rancidity and loss of vitamin potency
  14. Proper use of preservatives to guarantee micro-bacterial integrity
  15. Perfume of the product, which should be pleasant but not heavy.
  16. Correct size, packaging, and price for the product.

In the development of every CHOLLEY Product, each of these factors plays an important role.

CHOLLEY’s objective is to deliver well-balanced products that give optimal results in short- and long-term periods, without compromising the health and integrity of your skin.

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