CHOLLEY Clearing Professional Mask with Whitening and Anti-Spot Effects


Whitening and Anti-Spot Mask
150 ml – Ref. 710K

CHOLLEY Clearing Mask  is a high-performance product for lightening the skin and making it more uniform and beautiful. It is ideal for eliminating age (liver) spots and sunburn stains. This superb professional product utilizes the Swiss advanced technology of natural lipo-essentials with a proven efficacy in clearing excess melanin.


  • Skin clearing and whitening action
  • Peeling, skin homogenizing, and softening actions
  • Coenzyme A renewal and skin regeneration
  • Soothing, decongesting, and anti-irritant
  • Emollient and reconstituent action


CHOLLEY Clearing Mask  is a perfect product for whitening the skin, eliminating pigmentation irregularities and post-acne stains, regenerating and renewing the skin, closing dilated pores, and achieving a brighter and more uniform appearance of the skin.


For all skin types

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